About Us

Founder of Cascadian Journeys Nicole Rappaport hiking with Mount Hood in background

It started with a girl and some boots. After visiting no less than a half a dozen times, our founder and guide, Nicole Rappaport, moved to Oregon from the Midwest in 2011 to enjoy the Northwest's natural playground. At the time, she was working your typical 9-5, but she made sure to spend her weekends in the outdoors, rain or shine. If there was a trail that could be hiked in a day, she wanted to find it. Through the years she would take friends and family on these same trails until finally in 2018 she decided to take her hobby one step further - she ditched the 9-5 and started Cascadian Journeys to introduce others to the trails she fell in love with.

Although Nicole has now hiked mountains all over the country and world, this was not something that came easy for her. In 1997 in a bizarre accident, Nicole's patella (knee cap) cracked in half and she had to have reconstructive surgery. It wouldn't be until almost 10 years later that she would fall in love with hiking. Once she went on her first hike, she was hooked. What drew her to hiking was the fact that it was not a competitive sport - she could go as slow and comfortably as she needed to and get the same enjoyment (if not more) as someone going faster. From this realization grew her love and passion for hiking and the outdoors.

Nicole has since guided guests of all levels of hiking experience and firmly believes that the Northwest should not be limited to those who are into extreme outdoor adventuring. Cascadian Journeys stemmed from that firm belief and a desire to show travelers that all it takes is putting one foot in front of the other to be well on your way to enjoying all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Cascadian Journeys Founder Nicole Rappaport hiking on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge