Let's Talk Lodging in Oregon

When it comes to lodging while on vacation, the options seem limitless. There's everything from campers and tents, to luxury resorts, to hotels, motels, and Holiday Inns. Portland and the rest of Oregon are no exception to this.

While Cascadian Journeys focuses on taking guests hiking and exploring the natural world around us, our tours don't stop at the end of each day's hike. As a traveler myself who has enjoyed several adventures with tour companies around the world, I know that a good night's sleep is everything when choosing which tour company to go with. The tours I have gone on mostly involved backpacking to remote areas where we slept in tents, but I when I created Cascadian Journeys, I wanted to offer something more accessible for the average traveler.

With Cascadian Journeys, after we're done soaking in the scenery, we'll be on our way to visit charming Northwest towns where we want our guests to remember where they stayed as much as they remember the trails they explored during the day. We offer traditional lodging amenities so that the average traveler can enjoy the outdoors just like the avid overnight backpacker, but with slightly less bugs and a bed that's softer than dirt. In order to offer a less buggy experience, we've partnered with some lovely boutique hotels and inns across the state who really help piece together all of our journeys for our guests.

Lobby of Historic Central Hotel in Burns Oregon
Lobby of the adorably chic Historic Central Hotel in the heart of downtown Burns, Oregon.

We carefully handpicked each of our partner hotels to make sure guests get an authentic local experience and to create a space where guests can comfortably wind down after a day of outdoor adventuring. Because of this, we like to think of our tours as "glamping-plus" for the outdoor enthusiast who also likes a hot shower and a comfy bed (and a toilet - let's be real, doing your business in the woods is not for the faint of heart).

With all of our tours, it's important to us for guests to feel a sense of community. After all, you'll be in tight quarters with us for four straight days (or more if you choose a custom tour). Four days might not sound like a lot, but when you do a tour with a smaller more intimate group, you'd be surprised at the friendships that can be forged, and the life-long memories that are created. By the end of the tour, we hope that you walk away feeling like family.

We want our guests to feel this way about us and to also feel this way about our lodging partners as well. By partnering with smaller businesses, guests can feel like they're part of the community we're visiting, and not just a tourist passing through. We believe this is especially important on tours like ours when a good night's sleep is so valuable after a long day of exploring.

 People laughing in the sun outside Welcome sign at Kokanee Inn in Joseph Oregon
Cascadian Journeys founder, Nicole Rappaport, enjoying a sunny morning with the hosts of Kokanee Inn in Joseph, Oregon.

If you're looking to be pampered at a luxury resort where you can sit on the beach and sip a mojito, our tours might not be for you (although we totally got you on that beach part!). But if you're looking for a glamping-plus road trip that will take you to sights in Oregon you never knew existed and let you rest up in comfy and chic locally-owned boutique hotels or inns at the end of the night, then what are you waiting for? Book your tour now and find out why a Cascadian Journey is more than just an adventure - it's a journey of a lifetime.