Did You Know Portland, Oregon Has the Best Airport in the Country?

Or so says Travel + Liesure magazine. Oregon's international airport, PDX, is chock full of local Portland goodness. Grab some Northwest cuisine at Country Cat, a book from Powell's, and a CD by local indie artists at Tender Loving Empire. The best part? Unlike the rest of the airports in the country, PDX has implemented regulations that prevent these shops and restaurants from gauging customers and their wallets - the prices at PDX have to be consistent with the prices at these business's brick and mortar stores in town.

Most passengers traveling through PDX don't even realize that. But what they do realize is that the live music resonating down the terminals provides for a calming soundtrack as you rush to your next gate, the food is far superior than the average airport food court, and even the TSA agents possess that friendly laid back Portland vibe.

Plane flying over Oregon mountains

Portland is known for its weird quirkiness, and Portlanders take it to the next level when it comes to their airport. Case in point - what could possibly be more quirky than viral carpet? For years, Portlanders, and travelers visiting Portland, would take and share pics of their feet on the colorfully designed PDX carpet, a trend that quickly spread to other airports around the world. When the original carpet that spanned the halls of PDX was first slated to be replaced by the current new carpet, Portlanders took their love for airport carpet one step further - they rallied to show support in the form of carpet memorabilia. Yes, carpet memorabilia. It's a thing. At least in Oregon it's a thing.

With all this, what are you waiting for to book your next trip to Oregon? Let me guess - you don't know what to do once you get here! 

Let's start with the obvious - Portland! PDX is situated right in Portland, with public transit that picks up right at the airport steps and takes you virtually anywhere in the city. PDX also happens to be Oregon's largest airport, so while you're here, you should definitely use the opportunity to check out some sights beyond the city limits too. Did you know that the Pacific Coast and the Cascade Mountains are each about an hour or so away from Portland? But those are just a tiny taste of what happens when you step a little outside the city. Go even further and the mountains get more majestic, the landscape gets more glorious, and the small towns along the way radiate with even more character and charm than Portland. 

Mountains and Trees in Hells Canyon of Eastern Oregon

A trip to Oregon starts with PDX, but ends with an open mind and the type of wanderlust that takes you to magical off the beaten path places that you never knew existed. If you haven't been to Oregon, you at least owe it to yourself to visit the best airport in the country. And while you're at it, join Cascadian Journeys to check out the other good stuff in Oregon too.